There were two pieces of news connected with Facebook this week: Bloomberg reported that Facebook was developing an app that would track your location and let everyone know where you were at any given time.


The app would run in the background of your smartphone, even when not opened. And the catch - you would not be asked if you want to be tracked or not.

Later it was reported on GigaOM blog that Facebook wanted to embed its software into inexpensive phones in the emerging world. And the catch - you would not be asked if you want it or not.

When Microsoft imposed its OS on practically all PCs produced there wasn’t much noise about free and fair competition, well because there wasn’t any. Later on when competition appeared Microsoft’s strategy was to ignore it and rather pay hefty anti-competition fines on a regular basis. Facebook, although the dominant social network in the world is far from being alone in the market. Are we witnessing a slow trend towards monopolization of the mobile social network market? 

(Cartoon courtesy of: www.theweek.com)

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