The Startup Dream


What is happening in the tech startup land?

Simon Cowell and (don’t know if I spelled the name correctly) are launching X Factor for Tech Startups, ProSiebenSat (one of Germany’s largest TV network) launches a startup pitch competition with a prize worth EUR 4 million in advertizing time (since when are startups on mainstream TV?), Justin Bieber (18) and Selena Gomez (19) are VCs …

After the high profile successes of the likes of Facebook, Instagram and Dropbox who have become billion businesses in a matter of years it is no surprise that everyone wants to launch a startup. Simply said - startups are hot today. In the 80s everyone wanted to be a rockstar (and you could claim you are a beginning rockstar if your mom just bought you a guitar, it was just cool to mention that you are), in the 90s everyone was writing a book and now everyone is an entrepreneur (or at least is involved with a startup).

And the language is changing; with so many “noble” words finding their way into the startup lexicon: creating jobs, saving the planet … oh come on, let’s cut the b***it, entrepreneurs want to make money, work for nobody and maybe on the way, once the startup is successful, contribute something to saving some whales. 

But do startups really need this much attention? A cool gadget is going viral anyways (like Instagram), Facebook grew on word of mouth same as AirBnB, Dropbox, Groupon and many others. Do we really need to create a ”startup dream”? What is wrong with keeping it a reality?

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